2023 Brookhaven Polar Plunge

PJEMS Shock and Thaw

Port Jefferson EMS has been a proud supporter of the Town of Brookhaven Polar Plunge for many years.  PJEMS happily provides EMS support for the event, as well as participates and fundraises for the Special Olympics.  

Port Jefferson Volunteer Ambulance is a combination department (career and volunteer) that provides primary emergency medical services (EMS) and community and EMS education.

We were founded in 1959 as an all-volunteer ambulance service and have proudly served since. Today we currently have over 100 volunteers and 25 career staff.

Throughout the last decade, our population has grown with the addition of several large pre-planned communities. Our call volume has exploded from just 1200 runs 5 years ago to over 3400 runs last year.

We are unique in Suffolk County in that, of the 109 Fire/Rescue agencies, only 27 agencies are EMS only. We are the single EMS-only agency in the Town of Brookhaven north of the Long Island Expressway. Many people do not realize that the Town of Brookhaven is almost the same size as Nassau County itself.

We have a history of being innovative, progressive, and repeatedly ahead of the times here in Suffolk County. We pride ourselves on our progressive values and our ability to change with the times. We strive to continually provide cutting-edge prehospital care to our response area.

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