2018 Buffalo Polar Plunge


Thank you Friends & Family of the DDSO for supporting Special Olympics!

We are so excited to have our 1st DDSO Team for the Polar Plunge. Help us raise funds for the WNY region of Special Olympics! 

For a little motivation, if the DDSO Ice Dippers raise $2,500.00 we will be “Tossing Your Boss!” 

So far, the Bosses that will be “Freezin’ for a Reason” are:

  • Kirk Maurer, Director of Regional Services

  • Faith Foser, DDPS4 for Central Region

  • Paula Raiman, DDPS2 for IES

  • Michele Schasel, DDPS2 for Day Hab Programs

  • Barb Reville, TTL for Creekside Team

  • Mary Ellen Sonnenberg, TTL for Niagara Team

  • Hollie Green, TTL Southern Catt Team

  • Daniel Ahrens, DA3 Southern Catt Team

  • Rick Genesse, DDPS1 for IES

  • Alice Potwora, Training Specialist

  • Ben Clark, DA2

  • Jackie Schoenhals, DA3 Mid County Team

  • Aaron Dombrowski, DA1 Southtowns Team-2065 Lakeview

  • Kevin Lewis, DA1 Southtowns Team-3727 Lakeview

  • Dr. Eric Frank, Principal Psychologist

  • Dr. Will Horvath, Principal Psychologist

  • Sgt. Brian Lounsbury, Safety & Security Department

  • Rhea Reif, RC2 for Millersport DH and N. Bailey IES

We appreciate your generosity and support,

The DDSO Ice Dippers Team

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