2021 Rochester Polar Plunge

Team Siembor

Yes we are back!!! I know you all have been wondering where are those crazy Siembor and friends Polar Plungers? This year just like everything else we have to make adjustments. This year we are tasked with creating our own virtual polar plunge to benefit the same great cause of the Special Olympics of NY. Our team has decided to come up with a 5k race where the finish line will be in some sort of body of frigid water. Keeping it safe as possible a few of us will get together for this event. Others may wish to join our team and decide to do it at a different location and/or date. I will assure you anyone who registers for our team must have video evidence of a plunge. We will try to live stream it or may just have to video record it. You may also choose to join us at our event at any point of the 5k as long as you cross the finish line which shall be submerged in water.

The other cowardly yet brave and respectful option is to donate to anyone of us and let us do the dirty work. Trust me we like it but its way better to do it for money donated to a great cause!

Keep you ears to the ground and open your wallets as we finalize the details. Thank you all again in advance!!​

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