2023 fire truck pull logo.jpg

Let's Pull Together for the athletes of Special Olympics New York!

Saturday, September 30th

Pro-Fit Deer Park, 41 Mercedes Way, Edgewood, NY 11717

Teams of 12 will compete to pull a 60,000+ lb FIRE TRUCK TWO times, 50 feet.

First Pull: Quickest team to pull the fire truck 50 feet

Second Pull: Lowest combined weight to pull the fire truck (2 mins max.)

Teams can have a maximum of 12 participants

All participants signed up will receive a free official 2023 Fire Truck Pull t-shirt 

Teams of 12 are asked to fundraise $1,500 for the local athletes of Special Olympics NY

(thats $125 each by asking friends and family to support your efforts)


Law Enforcement
Fire Department

*additional divisions are welcomed