What is the Buffalo Snow Bowl?

A 6 vs. 6 Flag Football Tournament benefitting Special Olympics New York.

Where is the event held?

The Buffalo Snow Bowl is played at New Era Field, the home of the Buffalo Bills.

What are the divisions?

The 4 divisions in the Buffalo Snow Bowl are Pro, Amateur, Co-ed and First Responders Leagues.

Pro League - will consist of teams that have played together before. This will be the most competitive league there is. If a team is too competitive in another division, they will be placed in the Pro League prior to the schedule is sent out.

Co-Ed League - teams are required to have at least 2 females participating during play.

Amateur League - this division is the fun division. Teams are not looking to be competitive. Generally these teams have not played together before. Please note, if a team is too competitive or should be participating in the Pro League, you will be removed from this division and placed in the Pro League. We will notify the team if you are moved to the Pro League prior to the tournament, especially for those teams that have participated in this tournament before.

First Responders League-this division is open to anyone associated with First Responders. This includes but is not limited to Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMTs, Military..

PLEASE BE CONSCIENCE OF WHICH LEAGUE YOU REGISTER FOR. If you play flag football at all, you SHOULD NOT be registering under Amateur League.

Who can participate in the Buffalo Snow Bowl?

Anyone 18 and over can participate in the Snow Bowl. Everyone must sign a waiver in order to play.

What is the minimum amount to fundraise for each team?

All teams are required to raise a minimum of $1,200 to participate in the Buffalo Snow Bowl whether they have 6 participants or 12 participants. The $20 registration fee DOES count towards your team total. The more funds raised, the more incentives a team can win. The top fundraising team in EACH division will win a suite to use for the tournament. All funds raised will benefit athletes of Special Olympics New York.

Can participants tailgate during the event?

Yes! However you must follow official Buffalo Bills Tailgating rules

Is the $20 registration fee an actual fee or does it go towards our team total?

It will go towards your team total!

If I have a company that is going to sponsor me, do I need to pay the $20 registration fee?

No, if you have a company that is sponsoring you, please notify Erica Raepple immediately (eraepple@nyso.org or 716-909-6444). You will be given a code to register your team and guarantee you a spot in the tournament.

I don't have a team, can I just register under any team?

No, you must have your own team. We do not provide teams for you.

What should I wear?

Make sure you dress weather appropriate. We do not provide jerseys for the teams. We suggest that everyone on your team wears the same color shirt or create your own jerseys! We DO provide the belts for the games. Metal cleats ARE PROHIBITED.

Can I bring my own ball to play with?

No, footballs will be provided for each game.

Are spectators free?

YES! Make sure you encourage your friends and family to come out and support you! Parking is also free.

How many games are played at once?

New Era Field is divided up into 4 different fields with 4 games playing simoltaniously.

If I don't raise the $1,200 are the funds refunded?

No, all the funds raised will go to support Special Olympics and our programs.