How many people can be on a team?
You do not need a team of 12 to compete. Each team, regardless of participants must raise the team minimum of $1,500.
Does each indivdual need to raise $125?
No - but the team in total needs to raise the minimum of $1,500.
How do I receive my shirt?
All shirts will be given out during registration on event day.
Can I bring donations with me to the event?
Yes and it will be counted towards your total goal.
Where/how do I turn in my money?
Any monies you have should be entered online. If you have money in-hand, please mail a check or money order to our office at Special Olympics New York, 560 Broadhollow Road, Suite 106, Melville, NY 11747. Please include a note about how you would like the donation credited to your account.

Who should checks be made out to?
Checks should be made out to Special Olympics New York.
Please include in the memo area of the check the individual’s name and the event they are participating in, for our records.

I am trying to make an online donation, but it doesn't seem to be going through. What can I do?
Call us and we can help! We will need the names of the people who are having trouble with the online donation. So, if you do experience any challenges or errors, please call us at 800-836-6976 and someone will assist you in processing your contribution.

I have registered online but I also have cash and checks that people have given me, what can I do with these?
Donations to the Plane Pull are accepted at any time of the year, and simply need to be mailed or delivered to: Special Olympics New York, Special Olympics New York, 560 Broadhollow Road, Suite 106, Melville, NY 11747.
Please be sure that the name of the individual or team that the donations should be credited to is clearly indicated.

Does Special Olympics New York issue refunds?
Charitable contributions are non-refundable. If you accidentally entered the incorrect amount onto your donation page or the donation was processed twice, please contact your event director for assistance.

I have received some cash donations and I want to update the fundraising total on my webpage to include these. How can I do this?
Individual participants can enter donations in the system, but they must be confirmed by the staff at Special Olympics New York. All donations – cash, check, money order – received via mail or in person are entered by the administrative support staff. Contributions should be mailed to Special Olympics New York, 560 Broadhollow Road, Suite 106, Melville, NY 11747 for processing. Please allow at least 5-7 days from receipt of the donations for totals to reflect online.

 How long does it take for checks that are mailed in on my behalf to show up in my fundraising total?
Generally speaking, contributions will be entered no more than 5-7 days after they are received by Special Olympics New York. When checking on a donation that has been mailed, please remember to allow 2-3 days for handling by the USPS.
If you have more questions, please contact:
Rebecca Hoffmann
Director of Development
Special Olympics New York