Tool Kit

What is a Team Captain?

  • Team Captains are the leaders of your Plunge Team. Teams are made up of 2-200 people who share a passion and commitment to raise money for the athletes of Special Olympics New York.
  • Fundraising efforts are culminated and celebrated at the Polar Plunge! Team Captains work closely with their Personal Plunge Coach to motivate their team members and their donors.
  • Team Captains organize and delegate the team's fundraising events and efforts! Team captains are in charge of rallying their team fundraising initiatives as well as making sure their team is prepared for the fun of the Plunge by coordinating costumes, signage, etc.
  • Teams can be composed of friends, families, co-workers, companies, churches, social clubs, offices, small businesses' and the list goes on. Any combination of 2-200 people can be a Plunge team.

How to be a Great Captain!

  • Ask people you like (and who you trust) to be with you. Make people feel your enthusiasm.
  • Have a team kickoff to recruit new members and get things going. Set a team fundraising goal of at least $100/person or $1000 for the team. But don't stop there! Be creative with your fundraisers to increase your overall dollars raised. Make sure your teammates are utilizing their Personal Plunge Pages to encourage more donations.

Select a Co-Captain to help you.

  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate keep your team informed about incentive prizes, rules, games, contests, etc.
  • Be their cheerleader and their biggest fan
  • Talk about any personal connections to Special Olympics
  • Hang posters, banners, balloons in your office
  • Volunteer at a local competition or training club with your team to motivate!
  • Have a Team Captain Wrap-Up Party