2024 Buffalo Polar Plunge



Help me reach my fundraising goal as I take the plunge for Special Olympics NY. Your donations mean more now than ever before!!!

 If you have seen me at the plunge, you know EXACTLY how much this means to me. Every year, I help warm up the crowd and I do it because I have an incredible relationship with some of the amazing athletes we do this for… one in particular, Reid Heinrich. Reid is an amazing young man who trains with me at Shannon Connors Fitness and over the last few years has completely changed how I look at my job as a personal trainer and teacher. Reid has accomplished more than most in his life and every year, I will Pledge to be #freezinforareason… for Reid… for Sawyer… for Dana… for Tim… for Bradley… and for the thousand others who compete in the Special Olympics. 

Your support will directly affect the ability for the athletes of Special Olympics NY to participate in trainings, activities, and competitions at no cost to them or their caregivers. 

If nothing else, check out Reid’s smile in my picture. Donate for that. 

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