**Pre-registration closes at noon on Friday, October 13th 2017. You will be able to register the day of the event for $40.00 an adult and $30.00 for children 12 & under.**

Welcome to The Saratoga rUNDEAD. This year we are going on a competitive treasure hunt sponsored by Death Wish Coffee to see who can cure the zombie infection or see if the zombie infection will consume the planet!

This year our event will be on October 15, 2017 at the Orenda Pavilion. Registration opens at 12:30 and the race begins at 2:30, with awards at 3:45.

Using a treasure map, you will have one hour to locate three containers in the park, to be entered to win the grand prizes.

We still have zombies and we still have humans. Instead of humans seeing if they can outrun the zombie infestation. This year we will see if humans can preserve the planet for the human race by curing the zombie infection outbreak, or will zombies take over? Only you can decide by participating in The Saratoga Rundead.

Register as a part of “Team Human” and you will be given a treasure map to find the components for the zombie virus outbreak.

Register as a part of “Team Zombie” and you will be given a treasure map to find the components to make the outbreak spread across the planet.

The Orenda Pavilion is easily accessible from the parking lot on the east side of Route 50 near SPAC. There will be a short trail into the woods to the pavilion area inside the park.

In the past, humans have tried to out run zombies, now we will see what happens when humans and zombies go head to head.

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